Oriel Printing
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Technical Specifications

Digital foiling and spot UV varnish is achieved by ink jetting specially formulated clear UV polymer direct from the artwork on to the sheet. The polymer can be either fully UV cured to achieve a super high gloss spot UV varnish, or part cured which turns the polymer in to a glue and therefore allows the polymer to accept foil in exacting detail.

The Scodix machine can handle various substrates in sheet format ranging from A3 up to a maximum size of 788x545mm although the maximum image area is 748x504mm. The sheets can also be up to 700 micron in thickness, although we have successfully produced foil on to 800 micron polypropylene! This digital UV printing process allows the machine to print a wide range of materials including paper, board, laminates and even plastics (such as polypropylene, clear PET and self-adhesive vinyl)

Please contact our customer service team before supplying any artwork or pre-printed sheets because we will need to discuss specifications. Accuracy is achieved using four on board cameras which require pre-printed registration marks in the corner of the sheets. This ensures perfect registration on every sheet. If the sheet has stretched or shrunk slightly then our software can automatically adjust the artwork to ensure a perfect fit on every sheet. Artwork requirements for these processes are the same as traditional foil blocking or spot UV. Simply create a new layer and set the artwork as a spot colour called ‘Scodix’ within the reprographic files, please call or email for assistance.