Oriel Printing

UV Litho Printing

Oriels’ commercial print division offers premium printing services on to a wide range of paper and board products.

All of our products are produced on modern presses using UV inks, coatings and varnishes. This print method has many benefits because, unlike conventional printing, the printed sheets come out perfectly dry and ready for finishing. Not only does this allow us to achieve the highest quality but also negates any dry back, thus increasing colour-lift. This is particularly prevalent when printing uncoated stocks. Manufacturing benefits from this technique include increased efficiency and higher rub resistance.

UV printing also allows us to offer a greater range of finishes in terms of coatings and special effects such as our clever Dew Drop finish which can pick out selective high gloss areas whilst also creating an impressive tactile finish to the none-gloss areas. Check out our coatings page for the full range.

For that extra wow factor we also offer our ‘Color Logic’ process metallic printing system which offers bags of added value and gives products a luxurious appearance. This technique allows us to produce as many as 250 different metallic colours and special effects to images using only one silver ink plus 4 colour process at a fraction of the cost of separate metallics.