Oriel Printing

Point of Sale

From window stickers to clings and shelf strips, Oriel excels in delivering remarkable outcomes on a wide array of substrates. Our specialised printing service covers PVC, Polypropylene, Vinyl, Clings, and Board, complemented by our proficient in-house finishing team, enabling us to cater to diverse application requirements. As an added benefit, we now offer antimicrobial printing, ensuring enhanced consumer hygiene.

Oriel proudly holds certification as a printer of white or clear Clingz material, ideal for various point-of-sale (POS) applications. Clingz is a unique and patented film embedded with an electro-static charge, allowing it to adhere to a multitude of surfaces, including brick and glass. Fully removable, recyclable, and repositionable, Clingz leave no damage behind, providing a versatile solution.

To elevate the visual impact even further, we introduce the awe-inspiring 'Color Logic' process metallic printing system. This remarkable technique is particularly captivating when applied to materials like silver foil board. The Color Logic software empowers us to generate up to 300 distinct metallic colours from just 4-colour process inks, offering an economical alternative to standalone metallic inks. Through targeted spot white ink artwork, strategically positioned behind images, we achieve breath-taking results that catch the eye and capture the light, allowing the inherent metallic properties of the foil board to shine through.

Experience the stunning possibilities with our range of specialty printing services, designed to leave a lasting impression and create truly captivating visual effects.