Oriel Printing

Commercial Print


Oriels' commercial print division proudly offers an esteemed printing service encompassing a wide range of paper, board, and synthetic materials, primarily catering to the trade printing industry. Our expertise lies in 'UV' litho printing, renowned for its exceptional quality and vibrant colour reproduction on popular substrates like uncoated papers and synthetic materials. This advanced process eliminates issues such as ink dry-back and minimises rubbing, common with conventional printing methods. While we may not have all the finishing equipment in-house, we are fully equipped to support you with the printing phase.

Our state-of-the-art Heidelberg XL106, acquired in 2023, boasts impressive speeds of 18,000 sheets per hour and offers
the ability to apply two coatings in-line, including UV and Water-based (Aqueous).

At Oriel, we place utmost importance on achieving tight colour and quality control. Our presses are equipped with integrated spectrometry, ensuring precise colour management throughout the printing process. We consistently invest in cutting-edge technology, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry. This enables us to seamlessly handle a wide range of projects, from short 'wet-proofing' production to high-volume product runs. Our UV lithographic printing presses also allow for specialised coatings in-line, such as spot gloss UV varnish or soft touch coating, further enhancing the visual impact of your printed materials.

Count on us to provide comprehensive support for the production of high-end brochures, folders, point-of-sale items, labels, and premium uncoated or synthetic paper printing. Our commitment to quality and our ability to deliver exceptional results set us apart in the industry and have the power to transform your marketing collateral.