Oriel Printing

Trade Litho Printing

Oriels' trade printing service dominates the market as our flagship offering. Year after year, we handle the printing of countless sheets, encompassing a wide range of materials like paper, plastics, foil, and board, catering to businesses within the trade sector. Our process is straightforward: you provide the material, and we take care of the printing, hassle-free. Rest assured, we prioritise the utmost confidentiality for both you and your valuable products.

Our approach works exceptionally well for companies dealing with overflow or seeking to outsource fine quality litho print. By choosing our services, there's no need for costly investments in printing presses and equipment.

At Oriels, we maintain rigorous production standards. Our printing operations adhere to the strict BRCGS Packaging 'Food Hygiene & Quality' Standard. Moreover, our Low Migration printing has undergone extensive audits by leading food producers and prominent brands, ensuring exceptional quality and hygiene.

One of our standout advantages lies in the state-of-the-art features of our presses, which enables efficient printing on various challenging substrates. Additionally, our bespoke coating systems provide a diverse range of specialist coatings in-line, including UV varnish, water-based options, pearlescent finishes, and our luxurious soft touch coating, among others. Thanks to our advanced Heidelberg XL106 printing press with a twin coater, we can apply any two coatings simultaneously, streamlining the process with UV and infrared drying.

As a long-standing provider of overflow packaging printing for the folding carton market, Oriel understands the industry inside out. We are more than capable of accommodating your specific requirements, including the use of supplied ink and coatings to align with your existing production standards.

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