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Safetouch Barrier

Safetouch Barrier

SafeTouch Barrier is the brand name for Oriel’s ‘Direct Food Contact’ products and printing services


Following rigorous R&D we can provide printing services for the food-contact side of packaging by using special direct-food-contact inks and a water-based barrier coating.

This innovative service can negate the need for a plastic film barrier and offers an environmental alternative whilst allowing the inside of food packaging to be decorated.


  • Direct Food Contact Approved

  • Grease, Oil & Moisture Resistant

  • High Grease Resistance KIT Value (12)

  • Chemical Migration, Barrier & Scuff Tested

  • Great Alternative to a PE Lining

  • Plastic-Free (PTFE/PFAS/PFOS Free)

  • Products Remain Recyclable & Compostable

  • Vegetable-Based Inks + Water-Based Barrier Coating

  • Great for Fish, Meat, Pastry & Fast Food Products

  • Heat Resistance (Ovenable) [Barrier coating only]

  • Freezer Resistance


SafeTouch Barrier products currently include Fish Boards (Smoked Salmon Boards, Smoked Trout Boards), Charcuterie Boards, Pastry/Bakery Boards and U-Cards which all benefit from the highlights stated above. Oriel's eco food boards can satisfy your EPR (Extended Producer Responsibilities) and PPT (Plastic Packaging Tax) initiatives simply by switching to these recyclable products.

These 'FSC certified' and plastic-free food boards are available in both common or bespoke sizes and are available in various colours and quantities. Suitable for vacuum packing and skin packaging (VSP).

If you'd like a quote for our sustainable salmon boards, grease proof bakery u-cards, or ovenable direct food contact packaging, then click the link below or email here... Contact Us