Oriel Printing

E-commerce Packaging

Oriel’s range of ‘value-adding’ printing techniques and enhancements can be used to turn a normal brown cardboard box into a beautiful piece of e-commerce packaging that will ensure you stand out from your competitors and create the right first impression with your customers.

Imagine an understated brown cardboard box that arrives with the consumer. They open it to reveal a beautiful interior that generates a hefty release of endorphins and oozes luxury. Our sustainable postal packaging offers full recyclability and FSC Certification, when required. If you would like an internal fitment to hold your product, then our team will ensure your product fits perfectly, so the item is protected, and displayed, as you expect when it's opened.

We are well versed in printing ‘Big Brand’ packaging, and this rolls over to our e-commerce offering. We know that Brands expect quality and consistency to represent their product in the very best light. This is what we are brilliant at!

Letterbox e-commerce boxes are very popular right now, especially for the gifting market, and are being used for all manner of mailed products, from cocktail pouches, to vitamins, to personal care products, or personalised gifts.

We can take a seemingly normal kraft cardboard box and print the outside with subtle branding, but then enhance the inside to offer that special ‘wow’ moment, with our wide range of outstanding print, coating, and enhancement options. Microflute board can be manufactured with white or brown kraft on any side, so if you'd like both sides printed in photographic detail then the option is available. It can even be made in solid black which looks great when printed with white or silver ink.

Oriel can also provide fulfilment or 're-working' services. Should you wish to provide the products for your project, we can make up the boxes and insert them in to the packaging to your specification. Our team of hand workers will ensure they pack and palletise your products to exacting standards ready for shipping.

E-commerce boxes can be protected with our SafeTouch® antimicrobial coating which can offer the consumer additional peace of mind knowing that their delivery has arrived in a box that is working 24/7 to inhibit the growth of bacteria. For extra special projects, we can line the inside of your boxes with silver foil and print on top using our Color Logic process, which can produce up to 300 metallic colours out of just four colour process inks.

A wide range of print options are available that include:

Four colour process printing, Pantone special colours, white ink, metallic inks, raised foiling, high-build spot UV varnish, plus our extensive range of special coatings, such as, matt soft touch, and our highly regarded ‘Dew Drop’ high gloss and texture UV varnish (see Coatings for the full range). We can take printing even further with our Color Logic process, or by using fluorescent ink and maybe even a pearlescent varnish.

If you have a product that you would like to arrive in more than just a plain cardboard box, then we would be delighted to discuss your options. Give us a call or drop us an email at hello@orielprinting.co.uk and we will endeavour to help.