Oriel Printing

Colour Management Services

Oriel are using the latest technology, processes and production expertise to successfully deliver Colour Management Services that will resolve any colour inconsistency across your printers.

Whether you are using printing services at Oriel or sourcing your print nationally or even globally, Oriel can provide Colour Management Services to ensure that Brand special colours are created, managed and produced consistently across all products and suppliers.

In simple terms we can provide you with a bespoke pack of tools that can be used at all your production sites to give the printer the information and targets required to ensure repeatable colour within tight tolerances. This cost-effective digital solution can save thousands of pounds in unnecessary press passes, printing of colour standards, variation of Pantone books or reprints due to incorrect colour.

CxF (Colour Exchange Format) is the new ISO standard allowing seamless digital communication of colour and should be considered the colour management solution of choice. The printer can formulate the ink using the digital data and run to a Delta E tolerance of your choosing using their spectrophotometer. There will be no judgement calls to be made by the printer and you’ll only receive what you expect across various printers.