Oriel Printing

Gift Tubes

Oriel have designed and created a range of beautiful tubes for the bottle gifting market. Whether it’s wine, prosecco, vodka or whiskey, our tubes are designed to hold most bottles up to 1L. These innovative tubes are printed using the latest digital foiling and spot UV varnish technology which gives them a tactile feel and a high value appearance.

We have various designs that are ever expanding, so please check out our slideshow above for the current range. The tubes are positioned perfectly for the consumer that wants to give a bottle in something a little nicer than a bottle bag but still very reasonable on cost.

The tubes are 330mm tall and have an internal diameter of 92mm. They have a fixed tinplate base and a removable tinplate lid. If you are interested in stocking these products then please contact us and we’ll be happy to give you more information.